The state subsidies to natural disasters

The state subsidies to natural disasters Here you will find information on urgent measures taken by the state, to minimize the damage caused by natural disasters in infrastructure and road networks of local entities and, in particular, on subsidies to address these damage.

COVID-19 note,on the suspension of deadlines and justification of these subsidies by the state of alarm 14-marzo-2020.

Common ground

(BOE, 12-02-2015) Command HAP/196/2015, 21 January, which approves the rules for the subsidies aimed at implementing repairs or restitution: infrastructure, equipment and facilities and services of municipal ownership and associations, a result of natural disasters, as well as road networks of county councils, assemblies, island councils and autonomous communities uniprovinciales.

Grants to cope with damage to infrastructure and road network of local entities

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To emergency situations or nature catastrophic such as forest fires, temporary or other natural disasters, the state, in the exercise of its exclusive competence overpublic safety(contained in the art. 149.1.29ª Spanish constitution),among other decisionsadoptsurgent measures aimed at repairing the damage caused in infrastructure, equipment or facilities, road networks and services title affected local entities.

The management and payment of grants to address these damage is attributable to the ministry of finance and Public administrations.